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Craig B. Garner, Founder, Garner Health Law Corporation

The Intricacies of the Modern Health Care Behemoth

By Craig B. Garner
Garner Health Law Corporation

Known by some as the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, others by the often sardonic alias “Obamacare,” and most recently highlighted through contentious “repeal and replace” rhetoric, health care reform has reemerged as a hot topic of discussion in households across the country. Those affected by this issue include anyone who (1) is currently sick or has been sick in the past, (2) has a friend or family member that is dealing or has dealt with an illness, or (3) is or knows someone who may one day receive that plastic bracelet bestowing the title of “hospital patient.” Basically, this refers to every American. And yet, so great is the divisiveness on how best to manage health care in the modern age, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) now finds itself in a paralytic state as advocates and critics tangle over the vast complexities at its core. The only commonality is the recognition that there is no simple solution.  Read article
Union and management agreeing on a contract

California Privacy Law Poses Challenge for External Peer Review of Outpatient Psychotherapists

By Jade Kelly
Partner, Arent Fox LLP

California’s version of HIPAA, the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act, or “CMIA,” (Cal. Civil Code § 56 et seq.), permits hospitals and other health care providers to disclose medical information without the patient’s consent for the purposes of reviewing the competence or qualifications of health care professionals or health care services with respect to medical necessity, level of care, quality of care, or justification of charges  Read article
Doctor looking out window and contemplating his future

Navigating the Medicare Revocation Statute: Traps for the Unwary

By Jonathon E. Cohn
Principal, Polsinelli LLP

Since the inception of the Medicare and Medicaid Programs, federal and state agencies have had the power to terminate provider participation in the programs for failing to provide adequate quality of care. However, such determinations are subjective and rarely result in outright termination.  Read article
Stethescope resting on PC while doctor writes in background

CMS issues final 60 Day Rule Regarding Provider Reporting and Refunding of Overpayments

By Richard S. Cooper, Esq.
Member, McDonald Hopkins LLC

On February 12, 2016, CMS issued its final rule for what is commonly known as the “60 Day Rule.” The 60 Day Rule requires providers to report and refund any overpayment within 60 days of identification.  Read article
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